You’re a high-performing passionate leader who wants to make an impact.

But there’s a dissonance between the job you have and the life you want.

Although your corporate gig looks great on paper, the day-to-day isn’t cutting it. You feel increasingly bored, unfulfilled, and stuck.

What’s the right way to work through the options to find that special blend of compelling work, financial stability, and daily dose of fulfillment?

After all, it’s not just about your career. You're also asking the big questions about life, legacy, and purpose. 

It’s time to take back your life and design a career on your own terms. You just need the clarity and concrete steps to get there.

Get on the path to purposefully shape your career with my 4-step roadmap. -->

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Recent Feedback

Recent Feedback Caroline Adams Coaching
Caroline was instrumental in helping me overcome my fears and insecurities as well as amplifying my leadership and problem-solving capabilities. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have finally arrived at the idea (and have the guts to!) to set up my own company. 
— Noor M.

My proudest moment is the morning with you when I said yes to taking a proactive step making my career and life more fulfilling and going after what I truly deserve.

My biggest takeaway is that I’m good at more things than I thought I was. I have a skillset and passion that people actually appreciate and find useful. I think turning my passions and skills into a career and life that truly allows me to reach my full potential is possible.

Getting over the hump has always been my greatest hurdle and I see that hump getting smaller.
— Brent M.

Thank you for [encouraging] me to break the rules! You are one of the first people to tell me that in such a frank way. Especially when I am being reprimanded at work for not following an arbitrary rule, it’s important to remember that, in the grand scheme of things, not following the rules is usually what leads to the most change.
— Allie K.

Thank you again, so much! This is the most hopeful I’ve felt about my career in months if not years.
— Heather M.

I have trouble asking for help. When it came to my career, I knew I couldn’t continue to complain to friends and family and had to take responsibility for changing it, which meant overcoming many hurdles that I was reluctant or afraid to do. As I was pushing 40, I knew I wanted to make a significant career-defining change instead of just taking the next best thing, but I didn’t know where to start. I felt I was reaching a “now or never” moment in my life.

Before meeting Caroline, career planning was an afterthought, something that caused unwanted stress because I didn’t know how to move forward, which meant I kept on pushing it off for months, which turned into years.

With Caroline’s coaching, I was able to own my “now or never” moment. I zeroed in on the sector that really motivates me, discovered the inner leader and entrepreneur that I could be, and realized that a route towards academia was more about ego rather than a true goal. I also was able to identify my strengths and motivations and challenge myself to pursue them.

I uncovered an entrepreneurial opportunity at a start-up in the area I wanted to specialize in and which gave me the leadership role I had been seeking. Caroline helped me navigate the opportunity, if and how it fit into what I wanted, and how to negotiate on key areas of work and life balance that I had identified as important.

I ended up accepting this exciting and interesting offer in a completely different kind of role and organization. I’m finally taking the professional leap I had sought out, thanks to Caroline’s excellent guidance and support.
— R.N., Fintech start-up Co-founder

I very much appreciate your questions and insights. It’s fascinating to me how this process works! I’ve fleshed out more in the past several weeks than I have my entire career!
— Kristi W.

We came up with an idea to help me build my network in a more personal way. First, let me give a shout out and say Caroline is ah-ma-zing, I walked away with better clarity and enthusiasm after I’d been floundering in doubts.
— Sam K.

Many of your words are still playing in my head so really impacted results from our sessions.
— Rosemarie F.

Had my first couple of reach out conversations today after several weeks of putting it off due to my own fears both of failure and success. So excited to have done this and seen for myself exactly what [you’ve] described. People are so willing to help! I am amazed at the doors that are opening so quickly from these conversations...and still a little scared that this could all become real. So cool!
— Liz T.

I learned so much about what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy and today I’m feeling like there is limitless possibility even though I haven’t gotten very far in my job search.

I really had no idea before we talked that I was totally fine with my job duties and that it was just a mismatch of workplace. That’s a lot less reinventing of myself than I expected!

Thank you, thank you!
— Erika F.

Caroline, your coaching both kicks my butt and lifts me to a new level. You’re amazing.
— Allison C.

Caroline, you were so great to work with. During our coaching sessions, you listened beyond the words for what I was really saying and what I was usually struggling with. Thanks for the encouragement, the nudges and helping me re-learn trusting my own instincts.
— Jackie Y.

Today I learned that the law school has recently created a podcast studio, which seems eerily in line with what we discussed last time we talked. So far I’m feeling good about this position and just trying to focus on taking it one day at a time. Thanks for your guidance and encouragement in helping me make this much-needed change.
— Casey G.

I realized I want to be my own boss. And that I can be.

I’m doing it on my own terms, and in my own way which is going to be pretty unique for my industry. And, I’ll be working from home – and working less.

I can’t say enough great things about Caroline. She’s a fantastic coach, but also an amazing therapist😊. In all seriousness, I never felt silly for being freaked out, scared, disorganized - you name it. Her approach always made me feel encouraged, and brave enough to keep pushing forward.
— Kristen C.

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