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Inspiration and practical help to take back your life and design a career with purpose. Think of it as your personal Career Wake-up Concierge, dragging you out of your slumber and into the career of your dreams. 

Inspiration and practical help to make money and do what you love. Think of it as your Career Wake-up Concierge.

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I've been working verrryyy slowllly on my podcast. Current launch date: December 2018. Hopefully.

Meantime, I'm collecting some of my favorite podcast appearances for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


Why You Can’t Keep Your Options Open Caroline Adams Coaching

Why You Can’t Keep Your Options Open

Here’s something I hear all the time from career changers, “I want to keep my options open.”

While this approach sounds good in theory, it actually makes your job search longer and harder.

Do you really want all the options or just the best options?

I talk with Mac Prichard on the Find Your Dream Job podcast and reveal why it’s in your best interest to be strategic, intentional, and laser-focused with your job search.

The interview starts at the 11:57 mark.


Making Complicated Career Decisions Insanely Simple

Making Complicated Career Decisions Insanely Simple

Scott Barlow and I discuss using filters to laser focus on what you want in your career...and screen out what you don't.

I also discuss my own twisty-turny career journey and share how I made several career pivots, eventually leaving the corporate grind for my dream career as a coach, writer, and business owner.


Why Perfectionism Is Killing Your Career

Why Perfectionism is Killing Your Career

It's a slippery slope from demanding excellence to chasing an impossible ideal.

Scott Barlow and I cover Perfectionism...how to recognize the signs and work through it (even when you think you've conquered it once and for all).

The irony is that I really wanted to get this one, well, perfect

I had anxiety before we recorded, and even as we were talking, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't getting it right.

Perfectionism at work, folks. No one is immune. 

Check out our 6 techniques to work through perfectionism--and a 7th one we came up with on the fly in the spirit of embracing the unexpected.

We cover everything from listening to the wisdom of our 9-year-old selves to navigating oceans of hot lava.

We even included our imperfect outtakes for your listening pleasure.

If you want to read more about perfectionism and how to Wabi-sabi your career, check out this post.


Behind-the-scenes imperfection. Caroline working over her holiday break from Command Central aka The Colonial Room aka Her Mom's Guest Bedroom.

Behind-the-scenes imperfection. Caroline working over her holiday break from Command Central aka The Colonial Room aka Her Mom's Guest Bedroom.

Our Own Perfectionism and How We Handle It

After recording our "Perfectionism" podcast (see above), we recognized our own perfectionist tendencies showing up. Scott Anthony Barlow and I sat down to debrief. 

The result? An imperfect convo about managing energy, channeling creativity, and spotting perfectionist tendencies even once we think we've finally conquered them.

We decided to share the uncut recording in the hope that our challenges as imperfect business owners, creatives, and human beings would resonate.

Here's what a few folks have had to say already:

"Loved today's "episode" so much! Especially the part about having ideas at an inconvenient time & then not wanting to work on them later, which is pretty much my standard M.O."

"Could relate to SO much of the conversation. Especially the being enthused at 11pm for the next morning, and then being decidedly uninspired when I wake up the next day!"

"I like that you described personal energy as a resource because when I waste too much energy in my job then I don’t have the attention to invest in me (even if I come up with the time). Carving out attention for me and my career is the best habit I’ve learned so far!"


Tell me more about your podcast, Caroline.

Glad you asked! 

In July-ish of 2017, I decided to start a podcast to cover all things career: transitions, advancement, leadership, fear and loathing--you name it. 

Since then, I've been taking teeny, tiny steps to get there:

  • I interviewed 20+ millennial women to generate potential topics

  • I bought a course on How To Create a Podcast, plus a microphone and recording equipment

  • I lined up several friends to speak, and have show notes and ideas scrawled everywhere

  • I have told roughly 65,000 people that I'm going to create a podcast (ok, maybe it's closer to a few hundred)


And some steps that maybe don't quite get me there:

  • I launched a blog

  • I overhauled my coaching program, materials, and web site

  • I appeared on other people's podcasts (see above)


It's been an amazing exercise to observe myself as I SLOWLY take steps. What helps me move forward? What holds me back? Am I legitimately prioritizing more important elements of my business, or am I just procrastinating?

Even as another month ticks by with still no podcast, I am more dedicated than ever to get this done.

Why am I telling you this?

Partly to hold myself accountable, but mostly to show you the process of going after what you want. Sometimes it flows effortlessly, sometimes it's a slog, and sometimes--like with this podcast--it's just one slow step at a time.

I'll update this page periodically to share my progress.

Just because you land your dream career doesn't mean the work is over. And in some respects the bar is even higher because now you know all that's possible once you get clear on what you want and steadily go after it.

Today it's a podcast, tomorrow it might be a media appearance or a book. It's exhilarating and daunting.

What is it for you?

Wherever you are in your career journey, keep taking steps.

Can't wait to cover that one on the podcast. See you soon.

I’ve also just listened to your podcast, LOVE IT! I’m even more excited to work with you now, not that I even knew that was possible! 

I’ve really been thinking about what you said to me last week about my schedule, I am starting to clear the decks in order to work through the course, and telling people I’m working on a project. You were absolutely spot on about flexibility and working conditions, which I now realise is important to me! Thank you!

I am also taking to heart the stuff about things that drain me even though I’m good at them, I’m consciously going to start observing myself and my energy before and after situations such as networking. I’m even using an app to compile the data, among other mood data to see what comes up (something we share, besides a background in design!).

Have you checked out my free 4-steps roadmap yet?