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Why Perfectionism is Killing Your Career

It's a slippery slope from demanding excellence to chasing an impossible ideal.

Scott Barlow and I cover to recognize the signs and work through it (even when you think you've conquered it once and for all).

The irony is that I really wanted to get this one, well, perfect

I had anxiety before we recorded, and even as we were talking, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't getting it right.

Perfectionism at work, folks. No one is immune. 

Check out our 6 techniques to work through perfectionism--and a 7th one we came up with on the fly in the spirit of embracing the unexpected.

We cover everything from listening to the wisdom of our 9-year-old selves to navigating oceans of hot lava.

We even included our imperfect outtakes for your listening pleasure.

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